Review Policy

Do I accept review copies?

I accept review copies of books in the YA genre only. I do not currently accept any other genres for review.

PLEASE NOTE that I no longer accept self-published books for review. If you send me a request to review a self-published book, I will not reply.

How can I request a review copy?

To request a review copy, please email me at You can contact me through my other sites, but please bear in mind that there is a higher chance of me responding to messages sent to the above address.

What can I expect from your reviews?

My reviews are always honest and all opinions are always my own. If I am sent a review book that I don't enjoy, I will not hesitate to give it the review that I feel it deserves. However, this isn't to say that I will judge the book unfairly, and I will always highlight aspects that I enjoyed and didn't enjoy in my reviews.

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